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We are two sisters born and raised in San Francisco, California. Ever since we were little, we always found projects to work on together. Our DIY attitude drove us to continuously ask ourselves what we wanted, and how to make it better. We haven't stopped since.

We’re creating a new way of thinking about bags: bags that are functional, durable, and beautifully designed to protect your belongings in style.

While on my honeymoon amid the lush open rice paddies in the town of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, my husband and I were caught in a sudden rainstorm. My anti-theft crossbody at the time became thoroughly soaked as we made the trek back to our hotel room in the rain. Everything, including our rupiahs, passports, and phones, was dripping wet or non-functional.

Karin also traveled with the same crossbodies on study abroad trips to France. While she remained safe as her classmates were being pick-pocketed left and right, her bag started falling apart at the seams. We were tired of the unfashionable and cheaply made anti-theft crossbodies out there.

Because of these dreadful experiences, Karin and I decided to create and launch our dream bag a year later: the Anti-theft Waterproof Travel Crossbody. Function, protection, and style. Women from around the world have told us how they loved that two sisters were creating a product that helped women travel safer at home and abroad. 

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- Carmen & Karin, Co-founders of Arden Cove  


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